meet Acacia

A wedding, family and lifestyle photographer from Montreal, Canada based in Adelaide.  I've lived across the world -in New York, Canada, England and Australia - and it's an absolute privilege and joy to be photographing the love of families and couples here in Adelaide (and beyond!) now.


I'm in love with life's simplest moments

 Long walks at ocean, preparing delicious meals, picking fresh fruit, laughing with friends and family.  Early mornings (shh.. secretly I'm a night-owl), yoga, travelling the world, freshly-washed sheets, the last light of a summer day, bonfires and laughter are a few of my favourite things. I spend too much time reading, devour too many smoothies, and love writing and creating and photographing.  Since I was twelve years old, I've been behind the lens savouring moments with my camera - fuelled by the desire to create and remember life as it was then. 

That's exactly what I do now.  

Savour and capture moments, giving them to you to hold on to, to cherish, to remember.  I believe in the importance of looking back at your photographs for generations and recall not only how lovely you looked but the feelings, touches and emotions present at that time. 


 I'm not your typical wedding photographer

It is my hope to get to know well and photograph your day as a reflection of who you are, seamlessly weaving myself into and enjoying every moment - capturing feelings, moments, emotions and stories that are often left unnoticed, but those which you to hold on to for the rest of your life. 

 I'm interested in the glances

passed between you and your loved one, laughter, movement - the moment when he throws his arms around your waist and holds you tight, the moment she closes her eyes and rests her head on your shoulder - heartfelt, raw, unposed, real moments.  The feeling of being in love.

 At every wedding there is a different story to be told, a completely new and vast array of emotions to awaken to.  It is my hope that you look back at my images and remember not only how beautiful your day was but how you were feeling, the beautiful and deep emotion of being in love and the joyousness of celebrating with family and friends.


I take a flexible, free-flowing and heartfelt approach

to photographing weddings. I believe in capturing the in-between, natural, raw and heartfelt moments of your wedding day.  I'm sensitive to how you're feeling on the day, gently guiding you into the poses which are unscripted and natural.


I'm happy to take control, but I know when to stand back to let the day flow naturally and beautifully. 

Expect modern, fresh, artistic and natural images that are a beautiful representation of you and your day.     

Above all, I believe in creating images that capture the movement, the feel, the essence, the joyousness and the love of your wedding.

let’s photograph the moments that make you, you.      

Let's grab a coffee or tea at some point!  You can arrange a meet-up with absolutely no obligation to book.


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All my love, Acacia x

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