Life is like looking up a tall tree...

photo by acacia (acaciart photography)
Life.  It's happenings.  Breath.  The abilities it gives us.  Laughter.  The spontaneous happiness it produces. 
Life is too amazing to be true--how God created me and you. 

      I realized today that life is like looking up one of those really tall trees and thinking: 'Man, that's high!'... I find that we look up to life and say 'Geesh...that's will I ever be able to reach there?'  In other words, 'how will I get where I want to go in life'?  Yeah.  That's the question.  How?  How can we climb to the top of that tree without just staring up at it from the bottom...?--we really do have to pull our own weight.  It's not just about waiting for that spontaneous moment to appear when you'll be accepted into a job and as something great.  Although, after the pulling and hard work, then, comes the time to wait.   Everyone's tree--or aspirations--are different...thus, each of us carry a completely different task.  
Just think a minute about what you love to do a lot.  Okay, now think about climbing up a tree with that on your're 'aspiring high'.  Aspire high for that job you want--for that ability that you want to get better at.  Sure enough, you'll realize, God's there right next to you ready to give you a helping hand.  
While you aspire,
love God--not the things of this world. 
Laugh a lot...and, of course, crying is necessary.
be thankful in all circumstances,
Please don't complain,
Make nothingness into something...a dull room into something cheery and bright.  A blank piece of paper into a written masterpiece or drawing. 
Just aspire high.  And remember--don't just chose a small tree to climb--choose the biggest--or the one that God is calling you to.  
Note:  Please don't get too caught up in the things of this world: love GOD.  HIM alone. 
aspire high
be inspired by Christ.