capture, embrace, live fully

the next couple pictures were taken in Germany

I've been wanting more and more to,
   Embrace Jesus. Capture moments, life.  Live fully. 
How do I do that?  How can I be fully alive for Christ and cope with all the hardships in this world?  How can I be grateful in the midst of storms? 

The answer:  Christ. 
 I'm going to Him and asking Him for help.  Help in the midst of the raging storms.  Help in the midst of war.  Help in the midst of life. 

Will you go to Him, too?  -- And only to Him?  Because I know that sometimes we go to things that won't give us help.  We look for help in the wrong places.  But can we just chose that right place to go to, please?  That right place is Jesus Christ.  He's the Healer of all, redeemer of all.  Explaining how much He helps transform your life is beyond explanation.  As soon as you enter His presense, you will be transformed.  Enter!  Enter into His gate! 

through Him you'll live fully.