grace gifts

Because life is sweet,  because it's a gift from God, because God blesses us, because life is hard sometimes: one needs to list ordinary moments in life -- even the hard moments.  We need to accept every gift God gives us -- even when they're hard gifts to accept. 

'Every good and perfect gift is from above'
James 1:17

 Little things in life that define grace gifts from God: 

--Playing, splashing, wading in the stream; laughing till our stomachs hurt; watching silver diamonds -- water droplets -- swish and fly into the air and fall lazily down again into the water.

-- colorful eggs   (God-- how do you create such things as these?  Each egg is unique.  Some dappled with brown spots.  Others as blue as crystal-clear ocean water. Some are green like the spring grass.  How awesome you are, Jesus).
both egg photos :: disclaimers 

--Little sister's laughter.  Sweet, bubbly laughter that echoes and resounds throughout the house. 

-- bluebells.  

-- Writing 'happy birthday' with ink pens

-- Flowers adoring the window sill.

-- chicken for dinner with freshly ground coriander on top -- ground by us!

-- s.c.r.u.m.p.t.i.o.u.s  birthday cakes

-- awkward flowers... that are sweet

-- raindrops glimmering like diamonds on fresh leaves

-- roses.  And their smell.  

-- strawberry-flavored lollipops

-- irises greeting me every time I walk the garden

-- dried flowers

-- and amazing scenery  (I was there just a few days ago!)

  -- my wind-swept hair:  Ahh, the sea.
-- fox gloves not yet in full bloom.

-- the sea.  

disclaimer -- not my photo!
--beautiful bedrooms.  I think I'll have one like this in heaven, Jesus. 

-- Horizons stretching.  Light dappling.  Swans sitting on sea water. 


--Light coming down on bluebells.  God's ray from heaven. 

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grace gifts... do you have any you'd like to name?