getting creative, decorating + some loveliness

Running through woods, wind whipping hair, feet pounding the soil hard.  Thinking life is free right now.   I fly past trees and small, picket fences, grass, and soil.  I soak in oxygen, breathe out carbon dioxide heavily.  My heart races. 
Stopping, I sit -- relaxed now.   I spot a twig with a bud on it.  I capture this, hold its beauty tight. 

A month later, crocuses peek their heads up from the ground, they reach for the sky, they beckon me to capture their beauty, and I do capture it.  

Zoom ahead.  In between months and months of capturing things, here I am, sitting at my desk capturing the beauty of pen and ink.  And thinking about rain.   

The same day I think about rain, I think about the beach... and decorating.  And do a little re-decorating session in my room. 

...Here's a sneak-peek:

 Currently, shells are sitting on my dresser.  They refreshen, enlighten, inspire, and give my room a bit of spark. 

shells on lace
  and hearts on string.
Oh what joy
small things can bring!
- by me :: acacia
Hee, hee... I just came up with that.  Sometimes poems don't have to be long and descriptive; because sometimes, it's the small quotes and poems that leave an imprint on your heart.

How to:
1) grab an old newspaper, a book you don't want, or even a magazine with pictures and colors you love in it
2) draw hearts on your chosen paper and cut out those hearts
3) get out your needle and thread and poke the needle
 into the hearts to get them on the thread.
4) space the hearts evenly away from each other, and tape each end of the thread on to a wall.  Voila! your beautiful hearts are ready.

I thought of making lace hearts, but since the color of my room is a light yellow the white lace doesn't show up very well... do you have a dark(ish) colored room? and do you love white lace? make lace hearts instead of paper ones and string them across your wall! 

{my bed-head}
currently, I'm loving april cornell.  Both the bigger pillows on my bed are April Cornell pillowcases.  

 This picture was torn out of a Country Living magazine and taped on a shelf in my room.  Isn't this room such a pretty and quaint one?

more pictures taped on my shelf... 
noticed the picture of Jane Austen?  That's a postcard with the original picture of her on it... Jane's sister, Cassandra, sketched Jane but never finished the sketch.  No one ever drew a sketch of Jane in her life time, therefore all the other paintings of her are copied from this one. We don't know exactly what Jane looked like, but the picture above is about as close as we'll get. :O)

Pencil sharpenings: colorful, unique, yet simple.

{{these next pictures are all disclaimers.}}  

This?  Oh this is pure bliss.  How I would love to swing over an ocean.

That's been me. Reading for like... a long time. new header.  Love?  Dislike?  So - so?  Do tell!

Whoa!  First, I love the color of that eye.  (it's the same color as mine!)  And second, the heart in it is just adorable. 

much love!  


psst... don't forget to comment and give me your opinion on my new header! ;)  ... and my little poem, did you like it?