the word today describes a spark in one's life.  Today evokes the words: new, fresh, authentic. 

Sparkelers celebrating, inspiring, and bringing happiness to my soul.  

Books spread out on tables, waiting to be read and cherished.  And they are cherished. ;0)

Reading David Copperfield by Charles Dickens now and loving it... Even though it's approximately 900 pages long. 

In the garden, 
contentedly snapping away and capturing God's beauty...

 Making little 'vintage props' with keys and cards.

Writing small poems, like in the last post... but I've changed it a bit:
Shells and lace, 3
Hearts and string, 4
Oh what joy, 3
Small things can bring. 4

I'm remembering
The past 7 years of little brother's life.
The time I woke up in the night to find that my parent's bed
was empty.  Waking up to hear that he was born.
The time I held his new small, fingers
The time his fingers clasped mine tight
The times I played with him and wished
he was a baby sister I could dress up in a frilly, pink
dress I had. 
The time he cried constantly because of teeth pushing 
their way through his gums.
when he lisped his first words,
when he took his first steps,
when he first wobbled and balanced on a
two-wheeler bicycle,
and eventually sped confidently up and down
the sidewalk,
when he slowly read his first words,
The time when he lost his first tooth,
and the way he smiled after it had come out.
    I remember series of events.  They flash in the mind, they make my soul yearn for the past. Nostalgia.
Happy Birthday, Little Brother!
   And today, (I'll miss you!) I'm leaving to Spain.

much love!


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