when the warm wind whispers

When the warm wind whispers softly, and American flags whip and crackle in the air so fierce, when the stream gurgles, when children laugh and play all day, when sprinklers whir never-ending, and when it's light outside till ten o'clock at night, one knows it's summer.  One can feel it's summer.
       I have that feeling.  That June-y feeling.  I know and feel it's summer.
Oh, joy... oh, summer, I love you so.

'Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens these are a few of my favorite things...'

--Casting shadows

--Petals sprinkling the ground

--self portraits out of car windows
{{linking up to allie's lovely photo challenge}}

-- Sprinklers whirring, making rainbows, making light.

--getting out clothes that are loose and free -- they're especially made for summer, in my opinion. (yep, that's me up there). ;0)

--Hoses watering dry grass ::  Jesus watering my heart, feeding and nourishing me.
--Writing with ink pens -- finishing up school work

-- celebrating the first of June with scrumptious apple coffee cake 

--glorious greens and magnificent blues 

--Cute cards on my desk: for me to look at when I study.  (Thank you for being there, cards!)

Reading Jeremy Fisher to my baby sister

green, green, green trees.

-- And a little purse/wallet.  

--gardening on hot days

--sunlight's ray on green leaves

--getting sooc shots that turn out wonderfully.  (above, for example!)

--Raindrops glistening on leaves

--Fresh dirt

--Sunlight, 'God's ray from heaven'.

-- freezing and capturing the beauty of delicate purple-colored flowers.

--and going to Stone Henge.

all these things  me smile -- because they're gifts from Jesus.

warm wind whispering... yes, that's a gift from Jesus.  
being alive, healthy, being able to dance and laugh and cry:  that's a gift... from Jesus.

gifs from Jesus :: do you have any to name? 


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