dancing in the rain with Jesus

Rain approached like footsteps.  And it fell like jewels; splashing, spraying, watering, refreshing the earth.  I ran in the midst of this, my feet slapping the wet pavement, my legs hopping puddles, wisps of hair flying, my heart free.  This source of water, this God-given gift, this that enables us to live life -- this rain.  I thanked God and praised Him.  I let go.  And I let Jesus take charge of my life.
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           I realize that letting go and letting God transform me is what I always need to do.  I need to always be able to let go during those stormy times in life, and let God take charge over them.
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Let's dance in the rain with Jesus.

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Let's embark on a life time journey -- letting God be the number one person in our life.  Letting God be the one who can help us dance in the rain -- dance in the storms of our life.  

Will you embark on this journey, too? 

-- acacia