delicious summer days

    Fresh eggs, long white dresses, delicate pink roses, the wind's whisper, the sea's roar, giggling with siblings, reading outside in the warm sun, and a camera to capture all of this makes a perfect summer day.   Who can not love these delicious, long, warm summer days?
                                                             delicious summer days consist of:

unknown source

Finding beautifully colored eggs contrasting against pure white,

children sleeping after taking a long walk in hot weather,

                                                                cutting up sweet lemons,

                                                      watching peakcocks up in trees,

taking pictures of my hair and getting ones like the above,
painting nails with friends,

                                                        taking (very random) pictures, ;)

                                                               doing little sister's hair,
                                                               going on hikes in the woods,


                                           and watching raindrops glide down window panes.

                                                   enjoy these long, delicious summer days!
    P.S. If you want, do a post just like mine!  (Writing a description of the things of summer, then putting pictures from your summer day on the post -- you could even title your post 'delicious summer days'.)  If you do, leave a comment with a link to your post. :) {link back to me please... thanks!}

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