Running.  Breathing.  Praising.  Sobbing.  Laughing.  Rejoicing.  Thanking.  
Jesus gave me this life so I'm going to use this life for Him.  Every breath I take is from Him, so every breath I take should be for Him.  Every step I take is a gift from Him, so I'm going to use every step I take for Him.  
I'm going to shout praises to Him.  Give Him thanks.  Rejoice.


EucharisteoGreek.  yoo-khar-is-teh’-o. Verb. Definition: 1.To be grateful, to feel thankful. 2. Give thanks

-- walking home, humming tunes, laughing, smiling, rejoicing, drenched with rain, after picking blackberries.

-- coming home, rising, preparing blackberries.

-- bubbles adorning dishes.  Bubbles with color and life.  

-- Swollen clouds.  

--The sun braking its way through clouds... the sun shattering light.  

--rain pouring.  Drenching the earth.  

-- reflections on iPods

-- dried roses

-- and life.

What is one 'eucharistio' -- or one thing you're grateful for -- you can mention in a comment today?