eyelashes, cerulean skies, and plums

When skies are blue and a golden sun slips behind hills at night, and one wakes up in the morning and light streams through window panes, making warped shadows on sheets, I smile in sheer delight.  I relish the moment.  I laugh and praise Jesus.  Because life is beautiful.  Skies may not always be blue -- in other words, life might not always seem beautiful, but it is -- God made it.  It is beautiful. 

beautiful moments:

 - I've fallen in love with Sepia.  From pictures of eye lashes to cerulean skies, I love to edit them all -- processed in sepia.  It is really quite addicting.  Sometimes I need to remind myself that authentic, original, even SOOC pictures are good and that I shouldn't process all my pictures in black and white or sepia.  Do you ever go through those fazes?
- On a differnet note, that sky is incredible.  How could the idea of evolution be true when you see detailed processes of this earth in full form?  -- Clouds forming, cells multiplying, neurons passing information on and on, beautiful flowers forming, etc.   How did we humans come up with this idea?!

- While approaching a garden, I saw this sign.  I love this sign so much partly because I had to memorize the whole poem by Wordsworth when I was younger, and partly because it's such a whimsical thing to do when daffodils are in full bloom around you.

- I canned plums.  Yes, it was hard.  And no, they didn't turn out exactly how I wanted them to; but they did end up tasting delicious! 
 - Fresh flowers in a mug on the window cill.

- Wisp of hair danced in the wind, eyes intent, warm light present.  This is life.  

  Any beautiful moments in life you'd care to mention, friends? 


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