long days, golden sunshine, and shopping

  Days causing you to sweat on end, laughing till your stomach hurts, lying out on a veranda sipping cool lemonade, watering plants in humidity, little girls' braids bobbling up and down in the golden sunshine, licking luscious icecreams, and so much more.   Hey there, summer.  I love you so.
  We're now deep in the summer months, school days are coming only closer, and back to school books are being sold.  Summer is one beautiful season, and I want to embrace her beauty as long as it lasts.

Light dappling leaves.

Sun streaming through leaves.  Spraying golden sunshine on the earth. 
Sun is an epitome of summer.  It evokes such summery feelings, no? 

{Oh yeah, baby! --  The above picture is a SOOC shot! Love the tones. }

Peacocks scampering across grass.

Finding and buying a new purse at Claire's for only £5... when it was normally £15.  Deal wheel.  Bring it on! 

Plus, getting this necklace with the purse.  Did I mention it was a buy one get one free deal?  Mhmm... *swoon*

My new owl necklace from Forever 21.  The. cutest. necklace. ever.  I even named it... 'Owl-ivia'.  Get it? -- 'Olivia' ? -- Cool, right?  :D

What is one thing you love about summer? 


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