rain on window panes + juicy lemons + summer

  When winter wraps itself around me, and fall's breeze keeps me cold, and Spring's rain never ceases to fall -- I wish for summer.  But now, I can't believe it's actually here.  Long, sunshiny days open to leisurely play and doing what one loves is bliss.

   In my small world, summer holds a myriad of delightful things, such as; sweet, fresh lemon juice drizzling lazily down into a cup, gardening in the humidity, running and dancing through sprinklers, taking countless pictures in mirrors with sisters, traveling, watching the sun set, and going strawberry picking in the morning.
{ summer is } ... going strawberry picking.

{ summer is } ... taking countless pictures in the mirror with sisters,

{ summer is } ... sweet, fresh lemon juice drizzling lazily down into a cup 

{ summer is }... rain falling in the midst of humid, humid weather.

{ summer is }... taking pictures of mud.   

{ summer is }... watching the sun slip away behind houses, trees, hills, and valleys.

and summer is laughing and enjoying... 

 (I have this urge to laugh now... so I'll show you this clip).  

Okay, guys... funny right?!  

via pinerest

Enjoy summer, (and life), because it doesn't stay like this forever.


adorable!  Just had to share that with ya. ;)