gratitude & miscellany

I can never write enough on being grateful. 
   I want to give Jesus thanks all the time, because He blesses me all the time.

 miscellaneous things I'm grateful for today:


Brothers throwing pillows at each other, laughing.
  The wind rustling curtains.
   Cheesy pasta slipping into piles on plates.
  Hungry mouths munching food.
  The camera's click.
  School books being prepared for next year.
  Blue skies mingling with swollen clouds.
  Piles of ice cream slipping off spoons on to plates.
  Footsteps coming nearer.
  Learning to be joyous in the storm.
  Watching my sister laughing with a friend.
   Familiar faces.
  Nostalgic feelings.
  Slight smiles.
  Morning yawns. 
  The sun spraying light on my face.


        And, because this is a miscellaeous post, I want to share a few other pictures with y'all.


            top, Gap / shorts, Gap / leggings, H&M / sweater, Gap / scarf, {mom bought this in Germany for me}, Kurt Kolln.
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