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                                                                       dig deep. 

   I bent and kneeled down on the hard ground; I pulled and yanked at a weed stuck in between a crack of the pavement; only part of the weed came out, but I left the root stuck in between the crack.  I stood up, and looking for the next weed, regretted not trying hard enough to pull up the whole weed... that weed would eventually grow back and I'd have to go and tug at it again.  This is like our troubles in life.  We try to pull them out of our life, but we don't get to the root.  We need to fully yank out the troubles in our life -- we need to get to the root of our troubles -- dig deep, fully clean ourselves of any sin.   
                                                         beaches, summer, and watermelon.

Waves lapped over shores and sweet watermelon dripping down chins evoke such summery feelings.  I realized today that we're almost 1/2 of the way through August -- summer is fleeing and fall is approaching so quickly.
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I swooned over every English cottage I saw when my family and I first arrived in England -- and I still do.




     They're so beautiful on the outside:  a glossy white body, with a strong head posed high, and {seemingly} graceful charms... but when you look closely, they sneer, gnash, and approach you like a tiger.  Recently, a swan actually went up to my younger brother and started doing some growling of sorts at him.
Dear sunshine, keep shining beacause we love you so.  Dear little sister, please, please don't grow up -- stay three, won't you?  Dear clocks, could you stop awhile -- put the moment on pause?  Dear Jesus, I love you so much.  


                                                What have you been doing this Friday?

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