rain, rain go away & DIY

Rain drizzles down my window pane now, a car zooms by and a splash follows it.
 I yearn to sip a cup of ice cold lemonade in the sunshine and humidity.
But no... all I can do is snuggle up inside read a good book, make inspiration boards, edit photos, type away or dream of sunny days and sunflowers.

 The truth is, England needed rain. It was 80 degrees and sunny for the last few days, (which is very hot for England). And many people in my neighborhood were wishing for rain. It drizzled a bit yesterday, but today brought the downpour. Still, I feel like saying, rain, rain go away! and still, I dream of a sunny day where I'll need this lovely pair of sun glasses.

DIY... two amazing tutorials.

As I meandered my way through a few tutorials, I found two lovely ones that particularly caught my eye.  The one pictured above would really be a perfect shelf to put trinkets, a vase, a camera, or, in general, anything that you think is pretty on.    

  This amazing tutorial is something every creative person should do. Spools for hanging jewelry? -- yes please.  I've wanted to make something for my necklaces and earrings to hang on to for a long time.  And this would be perfect for hanging one's necklaces on, no?  As for earrings, I don't think I could hang them on the spools... do you have any tips on how to organize your earrings? 
{Since I have so many earrings, I'm longing to know of a good remedey for earring organizing!}

Off I go to read North and South!

xx Acacia

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