this is fall.

Fall is slowly unfurling its way to my home, books are laid out on tables and discussed over, fingers nimbly hold notes on pianos, teachers prepare for a new season of learning, the warm wind sighs -- tosses leaves and girls' dresses about, and summer slowly slips away.  

Today was beautiful, even though there were annoying moments in it.
 Ironing, hanging laundry outside to dry in the fresh air, taking pictures, reading, dreaming of fall, getting annoyed with a piano piece I have to practice -- but going back to play later and realizing that a break was what I really needed, -- and typing, these things and more I've been doing today.   

Looking back, my favorite moment from today has to have been sitting outside in the gorgeous-degree weather; the sun, swollen clouds, and a warm wind present.

grateful [for]:
father's reading to sons,
sisters falling asleep,
sea-blue nail polish,
still life,
washing machine detergent smells,

What was your favorite moment today?

xo acacia 

p.s.s.s.t.  notice I've been messing around with my design?  What do you think of my header on my side bar?  
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