when summer leaves

time flies like the wind
fruit flies like bananas
-- inspired by julia


 I pondered over the fact school's only around the corner today.  It seems so hard to believe. 
Can this last summer month please be embraced and cherished and every moment held on to, please?   

Some small and precious moments from this summer include:
Pancakes piled high.  Painses stood straight.  Ocean's water lapped over the shores.  Hair buns tied tight.  Swans fed by small hands. 

I'm so glad I captured that moment.  That spark of yellow amidst the harsh frost-bitten branches is so beautiful.  If you're wondering -- yes, that's an old picture.  :) 
... I dreamt of winter recently.  Of those cold, bitter months that we somtimes long for when 90 degree weather is present all day.   Did you long for a cold day recently?  -- Do tell! 

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