everyday moments

   breezes blow across our town.  fall's colors are splashed against a cerulean sky.  trees awake into glorious auburns, reds, yellows.  shadows dance on the grass.

  moments remembered:

     daddy's loving arms holding little sister tight.
     golden leaves against cerulean skies.
    whisps of blonde hair blowing.
     drawing ballet shoes.
     small, pink shoes, with small, round feet in them running across long grass.

                                     f a l l ' s  b e a u t y  s p l a s h e d  a c r o s s  t h e  s k y. 

  s u n l i g h t  d a p p l i n g 

     h a i r  s t r a n d s

                                                                               b i o l o g y

l e g g i n g s

d r a w i n g  b y  m o i . 


a r t i s t ' s  d e s k

happy october! 

i need some critiques ... what do you think of my drawing?  should I be posting more of my art work?  
 lovely simplicity grace inspired me with the ballet shoe idea.  

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