pumpkin and spice and everything nice

dear fall, 

I like writing about you.

Your fall colors that splash throughout the country side.  Your cerulean skies that fill with whiffs and spirals of smoke from chimneys.  The caws that are heard overhead, the birds that fly and soar – move south.  Inside, your kitchens are humming with luscious smells and helping hands. Small, plump hands and a red nose press against the window, small eyes peering at a setting sun and whirling leaves. 

i ' m  p a i n t i n g . . . c a r e  t o  j o i n  m e ? 

p a i n t i n g,  w i t h  m y  h a i r  i n  a  p e r f e c t  m e s s y  b u n.  

p a i n t  a n d  s i p. 

  r e a l   s h e e p   w o o l   f o r  c o z y   k n i t s

dear life,

You aren't perfect -- I know that for certain.  I've been learning that more each day.  But I'm looking forward to the eternal life that await. 
 dear music, 
 I love you so dearly.  I can't say much more, really. 

dear commentators + followers, 
you make my day.  really.  i can't stop smiling over all those faces and notes you put on my blog.  
thank you so much. 

dear pinterest,
  thank you for inspiring me time and time again. 

p u m k i n  s p i c e  l a t t e 

 pumkins and spice and everything nice sent your way!


Acacia TComment