au revoir, octobre . . . bonjour, novembre

the syrupy, golden lighting that comes swirling down from the sky and dapples my hair and the auburn leaves.   the crisp winds that blow.  the smiles that are exchanged. the whisper's of the wind.  the cry of the night owl. the stacks of crisp, new school books.  the short days and early mornings.  the warm woolly scarves.  the beautiful serenity.

fall is fleeting.  the trees' leaves will be no more.  colder winds will howl, and snow will join it's symphony.

- - - - - 
more coats
and mittens
barren trees
bleek days
warm fires
a 15th bday

what are you looking forward to this cold November? 
as the French would say, Que cherchez-vous avec impatience cette froide Novembre?
xxx Acacia

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