this journey

Today decided to be gloriously sunny for a moment.  No sooner had the golden sun come swooping in, then grey skies lurked.  The window pane still dripped with dew from last night's showers and chipped paint lay on the windowsill. I sat at my great grandma's old desk lost in menagerie of thoughts.  These ponderings swirled and ached with passion.  My heart swelled with longing to do better in everything and accomplishing the impossible and I knew I could only do it with Him.
   It dawned on me that words 'aspiring with Him' would be a key to my resolutions this year... Some things that I can aspire to do with His help, with prayer and embracing His commandments.  It'll be hard, I contemplated, to try my hardest to do His will, but it is unimaginably worth it.  

This year was messing up, trying to do better and failing.  This year was learning new things, a lot of new things about myself, God and this world.  This year was moving for the ninth time.  This year was welcoming new friends into my life.  This year was hard but beautiful.  I let gratefulness flow, I let my heart swell with eucharisteo.  I am blessed only because of Him. 

 Next year?  I don't know what awaits.  But I'm clinging to + trusting Him.

// inspire //


// aspire //

// lift my eyes to Him
every day
// do this split
// read the Bible
 every day
// pray every day
// take better photos
// buy a new camera
// start babysitting
// get into grade 6 piano
// knit a pair of gloves 
// write better
// try harder
making time to laugh
living fully
// do an exam
// stop annoying siblings
// obey without question

What are your aspirations?  

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