of lists, music, passions and the like

>> My soul gets lost -- overwhelmed with inexpressible joy -- when certain music plays. It is the one thing my soul and eyes will cry to besides Jesus. Films, sad stories, deaths, love don't make me cry with longing or passion.   Music does.  It sweeps and sinks into my soul, engraving a part of my heart, making tears creep and pour out of my eyes.   Passion, longing, love swoops into my soul.  Grabs a hold of me.  It's beautiful.  Words can't describe the feeling I get.  Sometimes, an outward appearance doesn't show it, but my heart does.

>> I adore my simple piano keyboard.  I pour heart and soul into it.  I dream wonderful dreams of becoming a great pianist.  Who knows, maybe someday.  For now, I dream and play -- play to my heart's content. 

 >> Speaking of wishes, I wished, wished and wished for a camera this year, a Canon T2i or a Nikon d3100.  I knew it wasn't possible, but I dreamed.  That dream hasn't come true this year; (oh, I reallyreallyreally hope to have the darling by next year), but in the meanwhile I'm learning to save up for a dSLR diligently, carefully, slowly, painstakingly...  Life isn't about things.  It's about the moments in life and how we live them to glorify, serve, honor and obey Him.  I need to let go of selfish longings, and cling to the only Longing that we should have -- Him.  But, yes -- that can be hard!  

>> grateful for so many things: 

white walls
candles that flicker in the darkness
grass that dances in the sunlight
reflections on water
sunsets on Christmas day

hard times
that help me learn
algebra 2
bokeh that twinkles in the background

>> And, lastly, I have a big question for you: should I get a Canon T2i, a Nikon d3100/3000 or a Pentax, etc. -- in other words, what dSLR should I get and why?  It doesn't matter if you don't have a Nikon or Canon!  I'd love your opinion even if you don't have any kind of dSLR. 

xo, acacia

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