snippets of happiness

My life isn't perfect -- in fact, it's far from that.  But snippets of it certainly are beautiful.  And this post?  I want to share snippets of happiness with you.  From my life, from my home to yours.   

mint blue nail polish
silly sisters
Christmas songs
 piano playing 
my new red leather purse
knitting an orange glove
holiday bokeh
floral pattered scarfs
sweet pink & grey collection of bracelets
baby blue nail polish
dinner by candlelight
pastor and his wife coming for tea
last-minute Christmas shopping
painting and drawing
 making Christmas-y things 
little presents for little people
a messy desk
cleaning up 
black and white photos
nostalgic feelings
tingling joy 
looking at dSLRs with Daddy

editing photos
listening to Christmas carols
being sung outside
staying homeward for Christmas
zooey deschanel's voice
my blog
this moment
this breath
wooden ducks

 minced meat pies from a lovely neighbour 
blog designing
music galore
my heart continually fluttering 
[you.  yes, you.]
my camera
mint-colored watercolors

Sleep well, (in my case), au revior... and  merry Christmas! 

xo acacia

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