creative spirit

   I used to doodle at the age of 8 during breaks for school.  Without a drawing or two, I couldn't go on!  Unsurprisingly, I'm still that way. 

A few doodles, drawings and paintings from as of late:

        recent doodle in my math book 

school planning

noodle-doodle -- spaghetti.  

 wish + wishes list.  These are all simply *wishes*... many of them won't become a reality.  Side note:  I don't think that my trip to Paris would cost $1000, however, I would like that 1000 just to ''have some fun''.

more doodles 

one of my recent art assignments was to paint the picture [above left] focusing on shape.

Finis!  Quite frankly, I didn't really like it.  But, the assignment said not to focus the details... what do you think?

                                                                       watercolor tomato

                                                    another art assignment; this time on varying intensity.

                                                                        young girl / loose sketch

Stay warm and cozy!  

Do you paint and/or draw?


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