Artists block -- it is a common case among artists of all sorts.  Bloggers, composers, writers, dreamers, etc. stare at their canvas, black screen or sheet of paper while minutes tick away quickly, silently, as if time was at a stand-still.  Yet, time passes like the wind and an hour passes. Still, inspiration is thrust in the depths, it is unseen and no where to be found.  We search our lives for inspiration, our homes, and our memories yet it lacks.  Where do we find this masterpiece called inspiration?  If it comes organically, naturally, from a raw source -- then how do we find it?


An hour, a tick of one's clock, a minute, a nanosecond, a splurge of inspiration will come when you give it time.


  You need freedom to be inspired.  Don't lock yourself into one subject, saying, I have to post about this, paint this, wear this, write this, etc.  All your mind may need is a change -- a chance to express its true self without being forced to do something that doesn't come naturally at the time.  

Go somewhere. 

 Just go -- visit a friend's home and offer to do a spontaneous photoshoot.  Go to your favourite mall and try on clothes and take pictures of yourself in them.  Be creative -- go to an art store and buy a new supply... maybe that French blue watercolour you've always wanted.    You could visit the library and read a good book, watch a comedy drama, put make up on your little sister and have a good laugh with her.  Inspiration comes in flows, don't force it to come... but rather, help it come naturally.


Let's say you're writing a thesis.  You do hours and hours of research but can't find the words to put it down.  Deep down inside, you're freaking out.   If I don't write something my boss is going to -... and I'll be left with loads of work.  Your heart is pounding and beating so rapidly you feel faint.  You need to relax.  Put on music, stop what you're doing, sip some tea, have a conversation with a family member or friend.  Get what was on your mind off your mind, then, apply the ''time'' method and by coming back in an hour or two, you may find you're inspired just that little bit more.


Be a hunter of memories, get nostalgic and rummage through old photographs -- look through archives that will make your heart swirl with nostalgia.  If you're a blogger, this particularly applies to you.

Just write.

 Try to write something -- anything!  Maybe something about everyday life or a person experience, an analogy, a description a longing.  Scribble away till your hand and soul aches.


Everyone knows they're going to be uninspired at some time.  Therefore, prepare to be uninspired!  When flows of inspiration comes -- write, paint, draw, compose a lot; then save some of it.  Put it in your edits --unpublished -- for a time when you're uninspired and need it.  

How do you get inspired?

xo acacia 
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