it halts yet continues

    That was the day when the sun dappled the country hill side with an orange glow.  That was the day when I held small, sticky hands and ran, danced and smiled with her.  That was the day when the breeze whistled through the trees as if it was whispering to me.  That was the day when I laughed till my heart ached.  That was the day when I picked wildflowers in a wild, unknown, open field.  That was the day I fell on my knees, in awe of Him.  That was the day I cried out to Him.  That was the day that everything slowly turned.  That was the day I cried so hard.  That was the day I failed.

Yet that was the day I flew free.

To be closer to Him, we have to fail, cry, mourn and go through difficulty.  

This life isn't even a nanosecond of where we'll be in the future.  Not even the blink of an eye.  It's forever when we're with Him.  When tears spill, and hardships ache, remember that this life is only a blimp of what where we'll be in the future.  Accept difficulties and learn from them.

The wildflowers that were picked, that sun that had kissed the horizon on it's descent, the candle and a prayer that ended the day.  They vanished.  but His love lasted and lasts forever! 

How will you spend your time on earth?  Capture life while it lasts, embrace hardships and learn from them.

ps  some of these photos were taken in north wales, in september.  do you have a favorite photo from this collection?

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