the rain falls softly on the window panes

The rain falls softly
Upon the window panes
It comes swiftly, silently.
Little droplets race and glide,
Soar across glass
My heart longs to be like one of
Them; racing happily, flying 
Free with like-minded friends

  (c) acacia

The sky turned from a mint, azure blue to a pale grey, almost green.  Then the rain came.  It blew about, not just fell about.  After hearing about winds that reached up to 86 mph, a few people in hospital because of the wind up rooting a trees, and cars and homes being crushed beneath the trees, I was somewhat scared.   But -- you know me -- I decided to be inspired by the wind and rain and wrote little description/poem and a ''things do do when it rains'' list.


// Be inspired by rain
// Dance in the rain (that is, if you don't mind getting wet)... ;)
// Read God's Word
// While sipping a cup of
// hot tea and
// cozying up on the couch
//  Stop complaining that you can't get out.
// (Because, inwardly, I was doing that)
// Write a description of the rain
// Draw or paint a rain drop

What are your opinions on the rain?  Bring it on! -- I'd love to hear.

-- Acacia

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