slips clear

    I slide a pencil across my lips.  A tear swells in my eye and I choke it back.  Life's memories swirl in my heart.   Remember that?  I say.  The tear grows.  Oh, that.  That was the best moment I've ever experienced.  The tear slides down my cheek, salty and warm.  
Walking along the sandy, breezy sea side, toes impressing into the warm sand.
Getting out of the pool, chlorine-smelling, making wet footprints on the cool pavement. 
I am at the farm, the country house.  I sit by the old stream.  Water ripples past, sheets of warm air surround me.  I dance with dress-up clothes on, spinning round and round, unaware of my surroundings.  Memories keep whirling and flowing through my mind - soft and warm, like a lullaby on a summer's night.

And then it shudders, the door slams. I reel and step back.  Mundane life fills the crevices.
The next day? - nostalgia creeps back: I long to run across a open field filled with wildflowers, the sun splashing my golden, wind-whipped hair, I long to be free, run, run and rejoice.  I long to be back at the farm house, cooking little things; hair done up by little eight-year-old hands, apron tied tighlty, flour spread everywhere, just loving life.
   But I let it slip clear.  I free my mind.  I let the memories flow, but don't re-create them; I make more memories. Besides, I'm making them now. 

what are your fondest memories?
Acacia TComment