london city

I'm not sure why London was so special.  Maybe it was because of the sound:  the constant hum and murmur of people; trains zooming and high heels clicking on stone; the shuffle of coats and sweet laughter; musicians on the road side; or the sound of birds singing, slowly drowned by the whir of a bus. 

And London's lights - yellow, warm sun and beaming headlights.  London's darkness - but the city lights that twinkle and shine in the midst of it.  London's shops - filled with styles just imported.    

Dear London, I like you.  Your museums are just stellar -- of course your shops and art galleries and architecture and gardens are, too.  You seemed to smile when I visited you.  The sun was so golden and the streets full and moving.  I could go on and on but I must stop.  Traveling life is wonderful, but school life essential.  (I'll go work on that essay.)

where do you want to go adventuring? 

xo, acacia
p.s. happy March!