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Actually, we are supporting 'local farmers'.  Our friends are away and we've been asked to collect their chicken's eggs each day.   The best part? We get the fresh eggs!  


The bread comes out of the oven and fills the room with a happy golden scent; I rip a bit off and spread a thick slice of butter across it. Homemade is so much better than bought.  


My new spring design is up thanks to Marieanne for doing the header. Naturally, I wanted to put up the more spring-filled one. But both are gorgeous... which one do you like better?


The sun is pouring in through the window panes casting warm, dark shadows on the floor.  My bedroom wall is wall is dappled with sunlight - it seems to beckon spring.  56 degrees Fahrenheit, crocuses peeping up and summer clothes appearing is a sure sign that spring is around the corner.


This is such an exciting time of year; the weather makes you happy about nearly everything, no?

x acacia

p.s. I have an important/big/nerve-racking piano exam on the 13th of March... I would appreciate your prayers!