splash splosh splish

    SPLASH  I've been sick with the flu as of late.   Because of this, I've been bed far too much, sipped too many cups of tea, had countless headaches and shivers and have generally felt yuck.  I'm not sure why, but today I wanted to be on the beaches of Rio; in general, somewhere where they waves slap the warm-sandy shore and lazily slide back into a mint-blue ocean.  I think I would have fully recovered if I had been there.
 My dreams existed, but so did reality: today we walked the mile into town and picnicked at the park.  The sky was barren cerulean blue and the temperature soared - the highest of this year - 67 Fahrenheit.  Yes, that sufficed!   A picnic is a wonderful respite for a mundane Tuesday.

SPLOSH  I finished copying Vincent Vangogh's, Sunflowers and did a little something in my moleskine. 
So after arriving home from Gap, I grabbed my camera and snapped a shot of my new clothes - and quickly did a watercolour of the outfit.  I'm in love with colors that splosh together - bright, happy and fresh.  Spring is for mixing and matching and for florals and stripes paired, don't you think?


  SPLISH (mynewmadeupwordthankyouverymuch) Oh, you know ink.  It's makes a lovely 'splish, splish' sound.  And once it touches the paper the magic begins.   

 xx Acacia