(a fragment of an evening walk splashed with golden light.)

(a fragment of my thoughts) // Life rolls on and I'm barely grasping each day - not realizing that each moment is a delicate gift.  That am alive; I am breathing and running and loving and messing up and trying again; I can cry and function well and taste deliciousness and laugh hard and see.  I am fully alive, fully God-created, fully wonderful in God's eyes - but yet, each day and each gift always seems to slip behind the mundane and I don't grasp how blessed I am. My life isn't always is not often enjoyable; sometimes it's bitter and cold.  When you're life is like this, pray to Jesus.  Don't worry about what you pray or how good your prayer is; just pour out your heart to God, let your heart be free, let tears flow, and accept the joy that follows.

(a fragment of my jokes.  hey, you.)

(reflections / fragments of time on glass)

(fragments of His beauty)

fragment of now: i'm heading south this for a week. if i'm absent around here, that's why. we'll be near sand and ocean and fresh air... ah, i love the beach.  although, the sun seems to have hidden it's face  the place where we'll be staying.  we're hoping that the sun would come out while we're there and that rain wouldn't prevail.  we don't need more rain - we've had it all month in our village!

do you have a favourite fragment from today?

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