lovely day recipe

  It comes in flows:  the weather is beautifully warm and sunny then a cold spell comes:  bitterness bites, stings noses and freezing fingers.  Currently, the latter is in act.  Maybe this is the same for you... so let's come up for with a recipe for a good day.

sip tea
memorize a verse of scripture
write a free verse poem
go on a walk
(or jog)
praise Jesus
read a chapter of the book you're reading
kiss a little sibling
make some cookies
write to someone
finish something you need to finish
wear something different
turn up the radio and dance
be productive in something
pray for five minutes
pick wild flowers
make your own bouquet
write on how you're inspired
organize a drawer
finish homework
skype a friend
surprise someone
go on free rice
take photos from a different angle
start a gratefulness journal
dunk a chocolate chip cookie into a glass of cold milk
draw a picture
make a silly face
write a wish list
and just do it.  (nike logo.)

xo, acacia

ps  not-so-messy but perfect bun.  what do you think?
pps what would you add to the list?  - let's inspire each other! 
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