blessed, v.2

   I find it hard to see beauty in the midst of a hard day -- stubbed toes, too much homework, piles of dishes and chores to do, a room to clean, an email to respond to, harsh words spoken and a depressed mind.   I often wonder how I could consider myself blessed... dishes, annoying siblings and chores? - blessed?   Warm, soapy suds swish and pore over a greasy pot as I push piles of dishes into the sink along side it.  This is God's grace?

 The world has slipped my mind into a state of unconsciousness, an image of 'this-is-good.-this-is-bad'.  The media, world, blogging, books, etc. have put a clear, perfectly-framed image into my mind that portrays the 'lovely' things of life:  money, top-line clothing, a handsome husband and picture-perfect children, a Mac and the 5d mark ii, 1,345 followers, a Volkswagen, too many friends to count and a home situated in the best part of town.  I wait for things like these and when they don't come I don't feel blessed. 

Today, I don't wait for those things.  I accept and am blessed with the mundane. Jesus blesses me; He blesses me simply yet wholesomely.  He puts a greasy pot and warm soapy suds into my hands and I work and am satisfied with what I have accomplished.  I have piles of homework waiting, I have sources of learning at my finger tips.  I stub a toe and breathe out slowly and realize that life is delicate, fragile and intricate; I am blessed with a healthy body.

- whispers
- morning light
- blueberries and cream
-cinnamon and mango tea
- His love
- humbleness,
- humid evenings
- messy scribbles
- spilling ink
- misspelled words
- cold feet
- puddles splashing as a car zooms past
- water droplets hanging of clothes pins
- running down stairs.
- golden morning light
- achieved feelings
- music that makes my heart want to dance
- dirty back roads - barren and empty.
- humming out of tune
- morning sunlight quivering on the hardwood floor
- tiny dirty toes and feet
- waking up at 7:00
- sheets draped in sunlight
- delighting in the simple and messy

You and I are blessed with the mundane.


Acacia TComment