Monday slips into the week; and I find myself wanting to write and post something on this space of mine. But instead I'm slumped on our family sofa, my mind meandering through countless post ideas.  None of the ideas that come to mind seem to strike my fancy; and I attempt to write, but words are few and inspiration has abandoned my mind.

 In other words, I can't seem to find something perfect to post about.  And as I ponder over the subject more, it dawns on me that I'm seeking perfection when my life isn't perfect -- and never will be.

Bloggers' lives look perfect because we only write ''the good stuff''' on our blogs.  We're too afraid to show the not-so-good:  the grainy, the blurry, the sad, the messy, the ugly.  We're simply afraid of what others will think.

Let go and be raw.  Be real.  Be authentic.  Be messy.   Be you.  


Acacia TComment