lately + a little vlog

The kettle has just finished boiling and steam unfurls in wisps and enshrouds this small space near me in the kitchen.  Rain is constantly drip, drip, dripping outside. I can hear see it falling silently and gently, hitting the ground, forming thin pools of rain.  I'm sitting on a stool, my legs crossed and fingers tapping on my family's laptop.  Chocolate cupcakes are in the oven, courtesy of my and Marie's making.  I don't bake often - but this was and a lovely escape from studies during the day.  Aaaand... I decided to do a vlog; scroll down to the bottom of the page and pause the music before playing (or you won't be able to hear :). Also, excuse the awkward zoom in-and-out of the webcam camera and the grainy, bad-quality video.  

   (video has been removed because of personal privacy reasons.  thanks for you understanding!)

one more thing -- my camera has disappeared and I can't find it...  I would appreciate prayers for the finding of it!
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