a car ride guide

1.  j o u r n a l  +  l i s t e n  t o  m u s i c 

2.  t a k e  p h o t o s  o f  c a r s

a n d  t h e  s u n s e t  //  s k y //  s u n

. . . a n d (just maybe) a  p l a n e.

3.  b r i n g  a  s n a c k

4.  b r i n g  a  c a m e r a  a l o n g  t o  c a p t u r e  i t  a l l 

  I like the feeling of movement: traveling somewhere; wheels spinning, windows opening, hair tossing, letting things in life unravel in my mind -- dreaming, crisp wind on my face and the sense of embarking. Besides the occasional nauseous feeling from reading or journaling too much, car rides hold a happy place in my heart. They provide the perfect opportunity to (finally) get out the journal, camera and crafting materials. Something about being still and contemplating while scenery rushes past is lovely; car rides are one of my euphoria's

Do you enjoy car rides?


ps // a special thank you to Alannah for doing my design -- I absolutely adore it!  What do you think of it? - yay or nay? 

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