café watercolour

painting an image inspired by inslee 

I haven't taken out my paints in a while; but the other, day I decided to just do it. And I'm so glad I did. This painting wasn't completely finished when these photographs were taken; but you don't mind, right?  (Also, excuse the choppy video -- you tube messed it up a bit.) 

 || recent thoughts -- watercolured in my mind: in words. ||

a vivid, crackling bonfire
singing out of tune
cold showers in hot weather
watching an inspiring summer video
being challenged by God's word
writing 'hello' in different languages
the neighbor cutting his grass
the feeling of swimming underwater.
75 degree weather after cold, 
rainy 50 degree days.
going to camp + the in-explainable 
happiness you feel while there.
realizing He's always there for you
paint splashes mixing together
hearts, the literal and metaphorical sense.
learning a new word
learning, in general.
capturing a nanosecond through the lens
of a camera
thinking of what 'capture' and 'life' means
defining my blog.
bittersweet goodbye's