magazines + a moleskine

 r e m e m b e r i n g :

Life is brimming over, tipping with small moments that swell and pound and ache with a strange happiness: the old fan at a constant zoom, brushing humidity away; the cool, dense blanket it gives out and covers me with. The old screen door that is falling, swinging and creaking back carelessly as it has done for years.  The strum of a guitar, the sun creeping up the horizon, finishing that project, when my favorite piece of music spontaneously plays on the radio and when life is slow and steady, sometimes lazy - but oh-so-good and full of intentional living.

  m y  d o o d l e s
n o w :

Life hasn't been all that exciting or inspiring as of late. But yesterday I felt so much more inspired and excited when I remembered my favourite moments (oh, sweet nostalgia) and snatched out one of my favourite magazines, my moleskine, an ink pen and captured it all.

What have you been up to?


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