open your heart.

m y  g r a t e f u l  l i s t

 the colour of avocado,
strawberries + fresh eggs
 lazy mornings
 grainy photos
 vacuumed carpets
familiar sounds.
 the strum of a guitar
 old houses
 genuine laughter
 deep breaths
 cool+warm winds
 learning to let go.
 heart aches
 old photos
 sea-mint-blue nail polish
writing letters
people like you

my sister went out wandering in a patch of overgrown grass and weeds the other night; but in the midst of these weeds she passed, wild-flowers were swaying and poking their colourful blossoms up and through the ground.  she ran back home, snatched a clear glass jar and filled it halfway with water, slipped on a pair of shoes and let the door fall with a steady swing behind her.  she again approached the patch and picked some of the wildflowers that grew between choked, overgrown grass gnarled with weeds.  she found beauty in between a tangled and disarrayed mess and pulled it out and embraced the small - but oh-so-lovely - joy it brought into a day.  

i know, i know, i've written a lot about finding joy in between the mess; but that's where i'm at.  i'm on a treasure-hunt for beauty -- i want to enjoy today because it's never going to come again.  i want to glorify God today because tomorrow could be non-existent.  life is delicate but wholesome: i need to learn to open my heart to God's gifts -- good or bad -- because they all intertwine and form something beautiful in the end.

so, open your heart.  let loose the things in your life that are nagging you and hold on to God's blessings. take pictures of of your favorite things.  go pick wildflowers.  read a chapter of your favourite book.  watch a movie that makes happy tears drip down your face.  write a love-letter to God. listen to music.  hug someone you love.  laugh.  write a grateful list.  open the dictionary and learn a new word. live intentionally. 

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