rain | sun

| listen to these sounds. |

'Shhh -- it's raining!' A little voice says. She peers out the window; her little breaths penetrating the glass. Sighing and wishing the rain left us and fell somewhere else, I flick my head toward the streaming wet window; raindrops slide lazily down, swelling with their own load. 'It rains a lot in In-gwand.'  Little eyes peer into mine and we lock feelings. 
'Yes; yes, it does.  It rains too much in England, doesn't it?' Absentmindedly, I twirl my finger around the rim of a teacup spewing steam.  I sip.
'It's okay; it's like God is givin' us a lot of water and he wants to give us more water so we don't get hungry, so he gives us more and more rain.' Her small smile gets bigger as she lisps the words. I poise my head to the window again: rain is rushing and streaming and whirling down.


England's current summer has marked the rainiest start to a summer in over 100 years.  (And I'm definitely not too happy about that.)  On average, it has rained every day since the start of summer -- even if you like rain, I don't think it's possible to like it anymore if you've endured this summer.

But we do get the occasional sunny day --

which means we can hang out the laundry, 

do some gardening,

and take lots of photos of the big, beautiful, blue sky.

Are you a rain or sun person?


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