simply, i'm caught between the last bittersweet days of summer and the first few days of fall's crispness and coolness unfurling.

tumbling, tumbling 
in the wind
pushing, pushing 
through the breeze 
dancing, dancing, 
with the sun
falling, falling
like tears
into the
earth's cradling
-acacia rachel

 it is good: fall's symphony of flushed, sun-kissed leaves crunching underfoot; mugs cupped and clasped in hands and woolly sweaters and scarves and hats draped tight between shivers; bonfires and wisps of smoke; ash lazily falling, dripping and dismounting on earth; new books to smell and cradle in hands and turning new, glossy pages; chills running down and through and up me as I take slow steps across deep yellows and reds and auburn leaves, a satisfying crisp crunch that follows each step; and sun flickering through the last of leaves on trees. it is good.  

when each season arrives, i'm totally and utterly ready for it. as of late, summer days have been lingering and i've been feeling a crisp, cool tangy nip in the air that reminds me of cinnamon and nutmeg and pumpkins and woolly apparel. the rain has been pattering and music has been playing. i'm not quite sure what this new season has in store for me; but nonetheless, i am ready for fall.  

are you?

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