During this past week, I've been living life fully and intentionally. Rather than blogging, photographing, and writing about life, I lived more of it -- and just that little bit more passionately. My short hiatus and escape of the screen resulted in a replenished, refreshed and renewed soul. For the record, you (and I) should do this on a more regular basis.

      reading | through my IGCSE English books for this school year
                 listening | 'falling stars'; my blog music
                 drinking | lemon + ginger tea
                 eating | la prune ('plum' in French)
                anticipating | visiting Wales, which = friends + good times
                lovingheart aches (mostly good ones) when thinking about the dimming of summer and unfurling of fall; hot tea, good reads, learning how to say words in French and getting the pronunciation right, playing piano, and black + white photography.  // post as inspired by abbey //
and just to top it all -- here's a little video for you. it's not great; the filming is choppy and you tube blurred some of the scenes. but it's okay because it's like life: imperfect.

before playing the video, scroll down to the 
bottom of the page and pause the blog music. :)

song by brooke fraser // 'something in the water'
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