tea + blackberries

Hushed, somewhat frenzied steam slips, (almost trips) slowly, slowly 
uncurling its way through and up my mug, kissing it goodbye.  A tea bag is plopped in accordingly and I toy with uncurled steam and a mint tea bag, cradling the mug's warmth that penetrates my palms.  My hands are bathed in a moist, dewy mint-tea scent and I can't help but slip a small, cornered smile on. Steam is tumbling, tumbling, slipping slowly out in wisps like smoke from chimneys on chilled winter days...

I'm a tea-lover at heart.  My grandmother, who is British by blood, can never get enough of tea.  She has tea almost always in the morning, afternoon and evening; but a cup of tea always sits by her side as she eats her breakfast and in the afternoon. My grandmother's love of tea was passed down on to her daughter, my mother.  And now the rhythm is sill flowing.  Tea is my favourite.  (Sorry, coffee.)  I'm not a huge fan of black tea.  Rather, I lean towards mint, lemon + ginger, honey and lemon teas.  

And for the record, tea and berries taste very nice together.  

Do you like tea?

xx a.

ps i'm away in wales at the moment; drinking in the cool, tangy mountain air and enjoying being with friends.  so i'll see you in around a week. i'm sure i'll come back with plenty of photos to share.  oh, and i've been to london this past week and have yet to share with you pictures I took whilst there. :)
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