cozy + thoughts

cozy /   Everything seems heavy, hushed and silent. The fire flickers and a twig snaps.  I cross my legs and stare; it's dark but beautiful; I close heavy eyelids and scoot closer to the fire.

thoughts /   My life has been mixed up and heavy lately.  Thoughts swirl around in my mind like flames licking kindling.  My mum is expecting a sixth child (due in December) and I'm (kinda sorta) finding it hard to accept: I like quiet, tidy, grown-up life, not crying babies, a lot more responsibility and staying awake in the night.  But I'm attempting to live up to my own words; reminding myself that life is precious and delicate and that every moment should be savoured.  I'm reminding myself that it's okay.  A baby is a gift from God and life will get better; life is better when you smile and praise God in the midst of the storm. Despite the hard aspects of having a little one around, I'm anticipating cradling and celebrating this new, little life. 

Blogging, taking photos, getting away on my own, crying into my pillow, clutching and sipping big cups of lemon and ginger tea, long walks and praying have been some of my escapes to life's hardships.  What are some of your escapes?

xxx a.

p.s. thoughts on the new header?

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