felicity + kit + elizabeth

This is Felicity, Elizabeth and Kit -- American Girl Dolls.  Felicity, Elizabeth and Kit are part of my nostalgia; they are where some of my fondest memories remain.

In the past I have spent countless hours sleeping, splashing through a ripply stream -- their 18-inch bodies tightly cradled in my arms, trying new hairstyles on Felicity's long, silky auburn hair, sipping tea and traipsing around in tree houses and gardens with them. Now, photoshoots take place and I capture and frame them because they're such great models; I admire them as they sit on my shelf; and I pick them up every now and again to dust, recall fond memories, and let eager 4-year-old girl hands hold them.

Do you have any dolls that hold a special place in your heart?

xx a. 

Acacia TComment