sixteen | silhouettes

m y  c a m e r a  a n d  I  |  s i l h o u e t t e s  o n  m y  b e d r o o m  w a l l 

It seems strange to be entering this new 'I'm sixteen' sphere -- a world that is like a bridge and balance between adulthood and adolescence.  But nevertheless I am (and will be) attempting to serve God daily and realize that life is not a matter of milestones but of moments (Theodore Roosevelt). 

Today I am (privileged?) to start my birthday with a rather big, nerve-racking and daunting piano exam, which I'd really appreciate prayer for. After that, it's off to a café for a cup of tea with mummy and visiting good friends; a simple, yet enjoyable day awaits me!

sixteen things for this new year of my life:

serve God
welcome a new baby sibling into this world
live intentionally
love deeply from the heart
work hard (my favourite motto is nike's ''just do it'')
play piano more passionately
grow in areas I am weak in
visit my home country - Canada
learn new pieces by Chopin, Brahms and Bach
paint and draw more.  make art that matters.
capture emotion - though a lens, heart, pen and paintbrush.
read many books
embrace opportunities
attempt and indulge in new things
travel more (and visit friends via train!)
knit mittens

xo from you 16-year-old birthday gal,
Acacia TComment