and then it crept away

a collection of photos from this year.

my heart pumped faster as i looked back at these photos. i've plucked and etched memories out of their hiding places and celebrated them one last time; these photographs encapsulate a world of nostalgia and make my heart flutter and shiver and dance.

i've learnt and accomplished so much this year (i have achieved high scores on two major music exams, entered a music competition, been baptised, welcomed a my baby brother into this world, completed a several tough homeschooling courses, done hours upon hours of artwork, worked for pay, taken too many photographs, bought my first dSLR, grown in my relationship with God, and completed last years' reslolution: doing the box splits and straddles [the latter I can do in both my right and left legs!])  but honestly, 2012 was probably the hardest year i've ever experienced.  i've learnt what life is really like - real, raw and bitter. i've discovered that no one - no one - is perfect.  i have cried and wept hard many times but
God has taught me so much.

2012 has crept away - forever.  so during this new 2,013 year i want to live intentionally and love fiercer and laugh harder and let go more and learn about too many things and make art that matters and cry freely and capture life. 

what do you hope to do during this new year?

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