slip on your boots and step outside

  Just do it - Nike's motto resounded in mind; I was stuck, empty and uninspired. So I clutched a cup of water and gulped it down, threw on my coat and shoes, draped a scarf around my neck twice, pulled on a pair of gloves, slipped on boots and swung my camera bag over my shoulder.  I ran; my heart quickened as my feet slapped the dewed pavement and my hair whirled and flew and danced behind me. I practically gulped in the hushed, heavy and crisp winter air and my heart thudded a little faster.

After I got home, I clasped my favourite mug brimming with steaming water and plopped a mint tea bag in; and as steam unfurled and pushed against my rosy cheeks, I admitted within my heart, ''the world outside is a fountain of replenishment.''  And honestly? I really did feel so much more refreshed + inspired after that walk.

where are you most inspired?

Acacia TComment